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Do It Yourself Divorce Scams

There is a growing trend in the legal community that a “do it yourself divorce” is a quick and easy thing. Many people are looking to the quick and easy divorce as a way to save both time and money. Most people also don’t want to have to deal with the long and drawn out process for a divorce that involves the court systems.

The do it yourself divorce is a good thing if you fully understand what the process is, what is required of both parties and how it actually works. Many websites are offering a “Do it yourself divorce” kit that they promise will quickly and easily allow you to divorce each other. You should really be hesitant about these quick and easy divorce scams.

Don’t fall victim to one of the Do-It-Yourself Divorce scams! Although it sounds like you can save a lot of money by having a do it yourself divorce, one of the biggest problems most people fall into is the hidden costs of the do it yourself divorce.

The do it yourself divorce is a scam because in order for it to work, you must have an uncontested divorce. Both parties in an uncontested divorce agree that the divorce is the right thing. There are no child custody issues in an uncontested divorce either. Usually in an uncontested divorce there is also a limited amount of assets that would have to be divided, or a prenuptial in place.

If you and your partner are in agreement about seeking a divorce, then you are both in an uncontested divorce situation. If there is any doubt about debt that is owed, personal finance situations, or who is going to keep the dog, then you should not seek a do it yourself divorce.

When you divorce your spouse, not only are separating yourself from the other person, but you are severing ties with all things including bank accounts, debts, credit ratings and more. If there is limited assets from the marriage or everything property related can be quickly and easily divided, then a do it yourself divorce might work.

One of the big issues many people face is how to rebuild your credit after divorce. This is a question that if you are wondering how to divide your debts, bills and property, then you need to seek legal advice in your location from a competent divorce lawyer and not rely upon a “do it yourself” divorce.