Florida Divorce Attorneys

One of the biggest questions that you need to ask if you are getting a divorce in Florida is you want to make sure your Florida divorce attorney is qualified to represent you. There are many specific requirements to Florida divorce law that are very tricky and can cause problems in the long run if you don’t have a well versed and qualified divorce attorney.

One of the issues that you need to know if your divorce attorney is knowledgeable in is with the presumptions of marriage and Florida divorce law issues. There are specific presumptions that are made if you are married in Florida or are getting divorced in Florida.

The Florida divorce attorneys that are specialized in this area of presumptions of Florida divorce law are more than just your normal divorce attorneys. They have completed specialized courses in divorce law for Florida and have studied the Florida divorce law presumptions.

These divorce presumptions can affect your settlements and alimony that you could be eligible to receive during your divorce. There are several divorce presumptions that we have covered in previous posts that we won’t dredge up again here.

When you find the right Florida divorce attorney for your specific situation, you need to determine the cost associated with the case. Often times you can find flat rate fee Florida divorce attorneys that are willing to see a case all the way to completion for a low flat fee. There are also plenty of other Florida divorce attorneys that will charge by the hour or offer consultations to you if you just need legal advice for an uncontested divorce.

You will want to make sure that your Florida divorce attorney is well versed, not only with presumptive Florida divorce law, but how uncontested divorce and alimony works in Florida as well.